Write Like a Rouhier

Ah, the dreaded first post. What to write about? What to say? Who will care? (Well, at the moment no one. That would require a following which I’m currently lacking!) Enough babbling. Sit back and prepare yourself for a tale. A tale of a girl who writes.


Okay. It isn’t anything that exciting. My name is Kaitlyn and I’m an author. I currently live in the beautiful, mythical land of Oregon. I’ve spent the last five years planning, writing and editing a novel which is coming out THIS YEAR! Not next yet. Not the year after. It’s coming out in December! I’m trying not to think about that, cause the thought is terrifying and exciting and I can’t handle all the pressure.

Some other random details about myself. I love food. Particularly of the bacon variety. I’m a music-holic and my Spotify playlist is getting seriously out of control. I love books. (Jesus, I’d hope so. If I’m going to be writing them I should at least read/enjoy them too.) Movies are a must. I play copious amounts of video games. I dabble in art. I have too many hobbies. I’m really nice until I’m behind the wheel of a car, then my bullshit tolerance goes out the window. I’m an introvert and a pisces. Those two things do not an outgoing person make. For every ten people I meet, only one will say my last name right. I speak fluent sarcasm. Anything else? Ask away.

So, what can you expect from this blog? Much of what I post here will be about writing. Look forward to lots of updates on my own writing, what I’m reading, what I think about what I’m reading, what I think about what I’m writing and much more. There will probably be some personal shenanigans posted from time to time but that just makes things more fun!

As for that book coming out in December…

It is called The Bonded and it is book one of the Allseer Trilogy!

Here’s the cover. Oooooh. Ahhhh. So pretty.


I made it myself. :3 Yay for being a Photoshop nerd!

Anywho, more updates to come! Thanks for checking out the blog and hope you stop by again in the future!

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