Of Pie and Salads

I’m gonna be honest, I’m pretty sure I ate enough pie for five people on Thanksgiving…and the couple days that followed. We made a ridiculous amount of pies considering how few people ended up celebrating Thanksgiving with us. You want to talk about leftovers… D:

To make matters worse, my mom went out of town and asked me to check on her dog ponies (she’s got two great danes) over the weekend and make sure they hadn’t eaten her mother in law. While that task was easy enough to accomplish, ignoring the fridge full of leftover pies was not. I started consuming a piece of pie every time I checked on the dogs, you know as payment for stopping by. At least that’s what I told myself.

So now, here we are, five days into December and I’m eating salads. Lots of them. And you know why? Because Christmas dinner is basically nothing but sugar cookies and fudge with a large side of mash potatoes and gravy and my body must be ready! You lose weight to gain weight. I’m simply tipping the scales in my favor temporarily until I consume enough candy and cookies to break even.

Is this a healthy way of living? Hell no, but who would pass up sugar cookies!? NOT IN THIS HOUSE! I will gladly consume leafy vegetation if it means I can eat my fair share of cookies come Christmas.

With it being the 5th of December, it’s time to start counting down the hours until my novel is unleashed! I’m so friggin’ excited!

The Bonded: The Allseer Trilogy Book I will be available at the following sites on December 7th, 2015!

Hardcover: Lulu

Kindle: Amazon

Paperback: Createspace

Nook: Barnes and Noble

All other formats: Smashwords

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Thanks again to everyone that has made this book possible! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Day and that your blades remain sharp for their inevitable retaliation!

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