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The Bonded: The Allseer Trilogy Book I Available Now!

The day has finally arrived! My first novel, The Bonded, is now available to purchase! So what happens now? Well, while I’d like to kick my feet up, lean back and claim that my work here is done, I promised a trilogy! And a trilogy you shall have! Now that I’ve got the ball rolling on the first book, it’s time to start working on the second!

I’ve already received very detailed threats from my beta readers that I have a year to get the second book done. No, no, no, not a year to write it. A year to have it done.Ā They expect a physical copy in their hands in a years time. If it isn’t there, there is a very real chance my life will be forfeit and then ain’t nobody going to be getting a sequel. D:

With that said, I’m going to try my hardest to stay focused, to ignore the temptations of the world and write like my life depends on it. (Because it does!) And that’s where this here blog comes in handy! I’ll be posting status updates over the coming months to give everyone an idea of where I’m at with the whole process. I figure, not only is it fair to you guys who are waiting patiently, but it also holds me accountable, which sometimes in the life of a writer is very necessary. What?! We’re easily distracted!

As in my previous post, you can find my book at the following locations:

Hardcover: Lulu

Paperback: Createspace

Kindle: Amazon

Nook: Barnes and Noble

All other formats: Smashwords


Again, a very big thank you to everyone that has bought the book so far! Your support makes this all worth it! <3

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