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Of Books and Winners

Ahh, what an eventful week. And by eventful I mean interesting. And by interesting I mean, it wasn’t the best week ever. Let me tell you, getting a bad batch of books printed right before Christmas is not the best way to follow up your book launch. Several detailed emails, a couple phone calls and a bunch of boxes of misprints later and things are finally under control. At least I hope. Fingers crossed.

Also, with the onslaught of dreary weather we’ve had the past couple weeks, I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten what the sun looks like. Also, I think my skin tone has gone from pale to printer paper white. The only light this pasty flesh has seen has come from a computer screen and it really isn’t helping matters.

I’ll make up for it though. Come January I’ll be taking a hop, skip and a jump towards North Texas where they are all hanging out in shorts and tank tops in their 70 degree weather. Though, knowing my luck, I’ll bring the snow with me and I’ll be blamed for the Snowpocalpyse of 2016. I’ll be barred from Texas visitations ever again and it’ll be a sad day. πŸ™

But enough of this sad stuff, I’ve got winners to congratulate! If you signed up for the giveaway of my novel on Goodreads (which almost 900 of you did, woohoo!) than you’ll have already received the awesome news that you won one of the three signed copies of The Bonded! I’ve got the books in hand, signed and ready to ship out after Christmas! πŸ™‚ Thanks to everyone that entered and keep your eyes open! There will be more giveaways to come!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! While I worked today, tomorrow will be another grand feast, only this time I’ll gorge myself on cookies and fudge and evil chocolate covered things that’ll strike any weight loss goals for 2016 into oblivion. But hey, at least I’m happy. Amiright?!

Oh, I also received this gem of an email the other night that made me laugh so loud that I’m pretty sure I woke up my neighbors.

“Excuse me Ms. Rouhier, but as a dedicated reader I DEMAND you publish the second volume right this second. I cannot take the waiting anymore, and if you do not comply with my wishes I shall come and slap you with an over-large piece of raw bacon. Good day to you and yours.”

The name on the email mysteriously resembled that of my best friend/beta reader but she quickly assured me that I was mistaken and that it must simply be her evil twin.

Let the demands for book two begin. I’m ready readers. Bring it!




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