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Of 2015 and Beyond

2015 was a year of contrasts, a year of endings and beginnings, of tough decisions but rewarding discoveries. It was a year of oddities and loneliness, but it was a year and it was lived and hopefully it was lived well.

I ended 2015 on a high note. I self published my first novel which was in and of itself a life long dream accomplished. I’m incredibly thankful for the support I’ve gotten so far and can’t wait to keep up the momentum into 2016. I’ve got big plans for next year and while I’m excited, it’s all a little overwhelming too.

The biggest of these plans is obviously working on book II and getting that ball rolling. I’m going to try and do much better this year with keeping to a schedule, said no procrastinator ever, but seriously, I’m gonna try. I’m hoping to have the second book done by the end of next year.  It’s been a while since I’ve done much writing so I’m actually excited to get back into the swing of things and keep exploring this world I’ve made.

Throwing a wrench in that plan is the other super big plan for the middle of 2016; moving to Texas. This will technically be the third time I’ve moved out that way. You’d think at this point I’d just call it quits, but third times a charm right? Right!? Oregon has been my home for the vast majority of my life but I’m ready for a change of pace. I’m not married, I don’t have kids. I don’t even have a damned fur baby. Aside from my super amazing family/friends around here, there isn’t much tying me down and these adult wings need some serious stretching.

I am taking a trip out there on the 7th to get a feel for the place. It’s been a while since I’ve been out that way and after snagging a travel voucher on my last messed up flight, I managed to nab tickets to Texas for a measly $60. Can’t beat that! Just keeping my fingers crossed that the weather cooperates. And that all other plans go…well…according to plan.

So, here’s to 2015. It was an interesting year to say the least.

May 2016 treat us all kindly!

Favorites of 2015

Favorite Book


While this didn’t come out in 2015, it is one of the books I read and loved this year. I freaking loved this book. Like, stayed up way too late unable to put it down type of love. Damn it… Red Seas Under Red Skies hit me right in the feels. Jean Tannen became a fictional character by which all men in my life will now be judged. The banter was perfect. The bromance was perfect. Everything about this book was just stupidly amazing and I foresee another reading of it in the near future.

“It is a favor. A favor to me. You save my life all the time because you’re an idiot and you don’t know any better. Let me… let me do it for you, just once. Because you actually deserve it.”

Favorite Song(s)

Music is a really difficult thing for me to pick a favorite of. It’s so incredibly dependent on my mood. I’d say the song I’ve kept coming back to the most though this year has been ‘All The Pretty Girls’ by Kaleo.

Lo-Fang, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Milky Chance, Hozier, Shakey Graves and Alt-J saw a lot of play time this year as well.

Favorite Movie

I watched a depressingly low number of movies this year. So few, in fact, that I can’t even think of a proper favorite.

Favorite TV Show

Jessica Jones


Oh my gads, I binge watched the shit out of this. There really wasn’t a sour note anywhere to be found in this show for me. I loved it. Go watch it now.

Favorite Video Game

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


I’ve always been a big fan of the previous games and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt just took everything I loved about the previous two, made it ten times more awesome and then made it look incredible to boot. It’s robust, it’s gritty, it’s dark, it’s magical and Geralt of Rivia is a sexy beast worthy of staring at/listening to for hours on end. This is widely accepted as fact, regardless of whether you are a man or woman. Throw in a ton of free DLC, hours and hours and hours of content and you’ve got yourself a pretty fantastic way to spend your months.

What were your favorites of 2015? Have any great accomplishments? Learn something interesting? Discover the secret to making 2016 awesome?  Let me know in the comments!







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