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Of Short Stories and Mysteries

Greetings readers! Just a short post today. I’ve added a new section to my blog. You can now find a couple of my short stories under the new section titled as such. Some of these are ancient, ghastly things still haunting the halls of the internet, but they deserve their place nonetheless. Also, there seems… Continue reading Of Short Stories and Mysteries

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Of Vacations and Airports and Armadillos, Oh my!

Yesterday marked the end of my vacation to Texas, and while I had a lot of fun, it went by waaaay too quickly. A week is just never enough time to explore and there is only so much running around, eating and bar hopping you can do before time is up. So, now I’m back… Continue reading Of Vacations and Airports and Armadillos, Oh my!

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Of New Beginnings and Another Giveaway

Howdy everybody! Hope you all had a wonderful (and safe) start to your new year! My new year was spent with my super awesome family. We made homemade pizza and a bunch of desserts and ate and chatted for hours while trying to survive until midnight. Why is it on nights when I actually shouldn’t… Continue reading Of New Beginnings and Another Giveaway