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Of New Beginnings and Another Giveaway

Howdy everybody! Hope you all had a wonderful (and safe) start to your new year! My new year was spent with my super awesome family. We made homemade pizza and a bunch of desserts and ate and chatted for hours while trying to survive until midnight. Why is it on nights when I actually shouldn’t stay up late I can, but give me a night with a set time and I can’t stay awake for the life of me. D: Life, why you no make sense?!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the weather stays nice for the next couple days. I’ve got a flight on Thursday that’ll take me to Texas for a week and it would make me really happy if everything goes according to plan. Then again, it’s life and if it has anything to say about it…

But I’m staying optimistic here! Or at least attempting to be!

With the new year came the start of writing the second book in the Allseer Trilogy. It is officially underway with a whopping 2000/100,000 words done! I’m really trying to bust out at least a thousand words a couple times a week, even more on my slow days at the salon.

My new phone has really come in handy for staying productive in my down time. With the word app on my phone, it’s been nice being able to quickly type up an idea for a scene or even write up a whole chapter and just send it to my computer when I normally would have been sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I find those moments of intense boredom are really good times to get some ideas jotted down.

Also, for you Goodread users, I’m hosting another giveaway. This time I’m giving out 1 signed 6×9 hardcover copy of The Bonded: The Allseer Trilogy Book I! Applicants will be accepted until January 30th, so get your entries in now! Good luck to you all!

Also, in the next few weeks I’d like to do a Q & A here on my blog. If you have any questions about the book, the writing process, the characters, the story or anything in between, please send them my way and I’ll compile all the questions and answer them in a future blog post.

Well, that’s it for now! I’ll be keeping an updated word count over on the book progress page which can be found here.

As the year progresses, expect to start seeing lots of new updates including the official title of the book and the cover!

Until next time! <3


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