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Of Disappearing and Reviews

Apparently my last blog post was over a month ago. I’m not entirely sure what happened to the time that a month slipped by but I’m pretty sure most of it was spent working, sorting through my belongings and being lost in my own brain. I tend to drift from time to time, cruising along on auto pilot while my brain churns out ideas and processes life. While it’s a much needed process, I have a tendency to become a space cadet, my brain off orbiting planets and figuring out how this whole adulting thing works from the vast reaches of space. I forget things, even important things, at times while wandering through the brain fog. Unfortunately, my blog fell victim to this unfortunate event.

With my move to Texas creeping closer and closer, I’ve been trying to get my belongings down to a reasonable size. It’s confirmed my hatred of packing and trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. 0/10. Would not do again. Even if I hate Texas once I get out there, I’m not coming back just cause I never want to pack up everything ever again. And if I must move again, I’m just chucking my stuff into the nearest tornado and letting it do all the work.

And speaking of moving, my crazy and wonderful friend has managed to nab the days off needed to make the voyage with me. She’ll be joining me for the drive down — all 32 hours of it. I’m pretty sure she’ll hate me after this, but it’ll be amazing to have a friend along for the trip and to help me get settled in my new home.

I recently celebrated my 25th birthday, which I’m pretty sure triggered this brain meltdown I’ve been having. Now that my insurance is $5 cheaper a month, what else do I have to look forward to? Is it just a downhill slide from here? D: WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE!?!?! Really though, 25 actually feels pretty good. I’ve made some pretty awesome accomplishments thus far and I think it’ll only get better from here.

Speaking of awesome accomplishments and feeling good, I’ve been seeing lots of wonderful reviews about my novel, The Bonded! Here are a few!

“I read a lot of novels in this genre, and the number one thing that separates a good fantasy series from a mundane one is the level of detail ingrained into the setting. In order to fully appreciate the story (and the viewpoints of the characters) you have to be able to immerse yourself in the same world in which they find themselves. Rouhier has managed to create an incredibly compelling and captivating universe for her story, and that same captivation extends to her plot and to her characters. The Bonded is an outstanding story, an outstanding world, and a stand out fantasy novel”

“This book is definitely worth reading. The attention to detail will draw you into the story. You will feel like you are a bystander watching this incredible story unfold. This book pulled at all my emotions. I would find myself laughing out loud to crying real tears. Can’t believe this is the authors first book. It is well written and definitely does not read as a novices work. I can’t wait for book # 2 in this trilogy and to continue to follow Kirheen on her journey.”

“Strong beginning to a new series with good characters, action, and an interesting magic/mental system. The negative of the novel is that the end comes when things really start to pick up, though the novel does tell a standalone story in the process. A good read though, and looking forward to more in the series”

I really appreciate all the wonderful feedback and have been so pleased that so many of you have been enjoying it! 🙂

Well, that’s all for now. I’m going to attempt to get back on a somewhat normal posting schedule and will hopefully have some more information about book II! Keep an eye out, as the name reveal for book II will be happening soon! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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