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A New Year

A New Year

I’m going to start this post by just pretending the vast majority of 2016 didn’t happen. 2016 was weird and eventful, a year filled with moving, injuries, motorcycle accidents, mostly bad dates, weeks of being sick and not necessarily wanted job transitions.

It did have good moments though, one of which was a trip back out to Oregon to celebrate my little sisters 18th birthday and make her get an extremely painful foot tattoo with me because I’m the best sister ever! I’m going to ignore the fact that she actually turned eighteen cause I’m  not ready to accept that yet. Or ever. She’ll always be little to me! >:0 The holidays were another highlight as I got to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas with my dad and my brother. Having grown up 2000 miles away from them both, this was akin to the planets aligning. Twice. It was great!


I hope the holidays treated you all kindly and that you had a fun, safe new year celebration. I was a real rebel and put a little peppermint schnapps in my hot chocolate.

I even stayed up past midnight.

Take that youngsters!

All The PS4 Are Belong To Me

I’m the proud owner of a PS4 now. It took me forever to join the cool kids club, but I’m finally here and ehrm mehr gersh, does it feel good to be console gaming again. Don’t get me wrong, I love my PC for gaming and always will, but there is a certain feel to just kicking back on the couch with a controller in hand and getting a couple hours of gaming in. I picked up Destiny for stupidly cheap on Amazon before Christmas and have been playing that pretty extensively. It’s fun. I kind of look like a bad ass.



The Cursed: The Allseer Trilogy Book II

And of course, the most important topic to be discussed is the state of book two. In the early portion of 2016, I had mentioned that I wanted to have book two done by December. Yeah, well, it’s January. That didn’t happen. If you follow my Facebook page, you already know the reasons for this, but I’ll briefly explain it here for anyone wondering.

Book two is simply a far more ambitious project than I originally set out to create and it’s proven itself to be a bit of a problem child. It IS coming along though and is quickly nearing a stage in which I will need… beta readers! 😀

There may also be a chapter preview coming very, very, very soon and if that isn’t exciting for you then I don’t know what is!

I can absolutely promise and guarantee that it will be out in the first half of 2017 though. No more of this waiting stuff will you have to suffer! < 3

As always, thank you all for the constant love and support! You’re the best group of readers a girl could ask for, even with your constant pestering for book two! ;P


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