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The Cursed: Release and More!

Hello everyone!

I’ve got some very exciting stuff to talk about today, the first of which is the release of The Cursed: The Allseer Trilogy Book II!

For those that have been patiently waiting, The Cursed is finally available!


It’s been a long road but the follow up to The Bonded is here!

A huge thank you to my readers for your love, enthusiasm, and support! You’ve all been so amazing and The Cursed is a direct result of all of your feedback and encouragement. It truly would not exist without you all, so thank you!

If you’re wanting to purchase a copy of The Cursed, you can find it at the following places:

Amazon – Paperback and Kindle

Smashwords– Ebook

Barnes and Noble – Nook

Coming soon you’ll be able to purchase signed copies from me here on this site! I’ll post about it once I get that all set up and ready to go! For now, the above options are the best way to secure yourself a copy!

Want to see where the adventure began? You can find The Bonded here.



What’s next?

Now that The Cursed is complete, I’ll be taking a few weeks to unwind, kick back, and catch my breath. This year has been pretty hectic, so I’m looking forward to some time to catch up with friends, loved ones, and spend some time on hobbies that have been very, very neglected.

After my little hiatus is over, I will begin work on the third book of The Allseer Trilogy! I’m really excited to begin writing the final entry in the trilogy and have lots of ideas brewing in this brain of mine.

As far as what is planned after this trilogy is over, I’ve got some news on that front as well.

My next project will focus on a short story I wrote years ago. Some of you might remember the short story about an assassin that ends up pulling a young woman into his scheme for revenge. It’s gotten a lot of interest over the years and quite a few people have asked if I ever planned to expand on it. Now you have an answer and it’s – yes! Revenge will be turned into a full length novel and will follow our assassin on his quest for revenge against a cruel and powerful king.


New Website

I have a super official website now! is now live!

While my blog will be staying at this location, I will be posting updates over there as well. If you’re wanting to receive news letter regarding upcoming projects, release dates, short stories, and events, you can head on over to the new website and sign up for my mailing list!

I hope you all have a lovely labor day weekend! Stay safe and have fun! <3




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