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Of Updates and Goals!

Howdy everyone and welcome to a very, very overdue update. Things have been pretty quiet around here and today I’m going to talk about why and what my plans are moving forward. So, let’s begin!

Work and Anxiety

The plain and simple truth of the matter is I have anxiety. Most of the time it’s not so bad. It’s background noise, always there and always a little inconvenient. Other times it’s downright crippling. It’s me sitting in my car in the parking lot taking deep breathes and telling myself that going into the grocery store is going to be just fine. Some days I don’t even make it to the store. Some days I barely make it out of bed. It’s me not replying to messages, or updating my blog, or writing, or returning calls. It’s me hiding from the world, even when I really want to be doing just the opposite. It’s not something many people know I struggle with and I go out of my way to hide it. I’m very good at pretending everything is okay, even when it’s not. I’ve always been a pillar of strength for others, but sometimes I’m not good at being a pillar for myself.


Five months ago, I accepted a job that I thought was going to be awesome. The pay was amazing, the hours were great, the work didn’t seem like it would be that bad, and I had health insurance like a real adult, damn it! Long story short, it was more of a square peg, round hole situation and ended up not being a good fit for me at all. In fact, it brought out the very crippling anxiety I spend most months trying to prevent.

And as anxiety likes to do, it completely wrecked my life in the span of a couple months. I was a mess. I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was sleeping when I shouldn’t be and not sleeping when I should. I was pretty much living off of cheeseburgers and fast food. I stopped writing. Stopped creating. Stopped caring. It wasn’t good, guys. In order to do my job and do it well, I had to kill a part of myself that apparently is pretty vital to me maintaining any bit of normality in my life.

So, I did the only sensible thing I could think to do. I quit my job.

It’s now November 9th and I’m starting to feel like myself again. I’ve been writing and creating and reconnecting with the things I love. I’ve been sleeping well and eating better and I actually have the energy to go do stuff. It was definitely an eye opener, one that forced me to reevaluate my goals and what I need to be happy. And while my bank account may suffer temporarily and mild panic sets in about what to do next, I can at least say for now I’m taking care of myself and doing what I need to do to be well, and that to me will always be the most important.



It’s National Novel Writing Month – otherwise known as NaNoWriMo!

For those that don’t know, this is a month that many writers dedicate to…well…writing a lot. 50,000 + words kind of lot. I’m participating, though not in the same way that most are.  As I get back into the swing of writing the final book for the Allseer Trilogy, I’m using this month to set up good writing habits again and get used to the flow of writing each and every day whether I feel like it or not. I’m not so much focused on word goals this time around as I am just making sure I’m doing something. Even if it’s a measly 300 words, progress is progress. While I’d love to hit that 50,000 word goal by the end of the month, I’ll be happy just getting a good chunk of the story down and getting my ideas on paper. I’ve already passed the 10,000 word mark in nine days and that feels soooo good!

To everyone else participating: Good luck to you all! May you smash those word goals into oblivion!


The Allseer Trilogy: Book III

As you may have seen above, the final chapter of The Allseer Trilogy is underway! The first draft is being written and I’ve got a solid 10,000 words done! Woo! I’m really excited to write the conclusion to the trilogy. It’s been such a journey and I’m so thankful for those of you that have read both books and are anxiously awaiting the third.

While I wish I could say I had a release date or cover for you, that is quite a ways off. I’m going to give the final entry in the trilogy all the love and care it deserves so I’m not expecting to have a release date anytime soon.


Kindle Covers

The Kindle edition of The Bonded and The Cursed got a little sprucing up. After the trilogy is complete, the paperbacks will be getting a cover rework and will end up looking more like this.

I’ll be making the final cover to match the previous ones, so those that already own the first two books won’t have any problems with them looking mismatched until a few months after the release of book three!


Goals, Goals, Goals

Now that I’m finally feeling like me again, I’ve got some goals going forward.

Goal # 1: Try to have the 1st draft of Book 3 done by my birthday in February.

Goal #2: Post a blog every Thursday!

Goal #3: Start fleshing out the story idea for my next book after this trilogy is finished.

Goal #4: Continue taking care of myself; physically and mentally.

Got any goals for the rest of the year? Have goals in mind for 2018? Let me know in the comments below!

I’ll be back with another blog next Thursday and I’ll be going over all the books I’ve read this year, what I thought, and what I’m looking forward to reading next year!



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