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Giving Thanks


Hello everyone! It’s Thursday which means it’s blog time!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with great company, great food, and massive amounts of pie (because we all know that’s the most important part.) As is customary, I had a great Thanksgiving swiftly followed by a really, really terrible cold that has had me sleeping most of my days away. I’m starting to feel better though and can stay awake long enough to actually type a coherent sentence.


In the spirit of giving thanks, I wanted to post a blog today about someone in my life that I am incredibly thankful for – my mom. Not only is she my biggest fan, but she has shaped my writing so much and given me the confidence to pursue my dreams.

My mom hasn’t had the easiest life. Between a rough upstart, raising two bratty daughters, and working her ass off, I don’t think she knew just how bad I had the writing bug until I was an adult. Little did she know that not all the time I spent hiding out in my room was for playing video games. Much of it was spent starting and stopping dozens of stories, one of which would later turn into my first book. There was also a lot of time writing really terrible poetry, but that is lost to the ages, and good riddance.


As authors, one of the strangest experiences you have is telling people that you’re writing a novel, especially your first novel. For some reason, telling people this elicits an odd response where they smile and nod and look at you like you’ve just grown a third eye. Some people are genuinely interested and ask questions that you awkwardly answer. Other people simply don’t know what to expect. I think what they really expect is for you to show up with a stapled packet of papers that you printed at home and are toting as a novel.

My mom wasn’t one of those people. While she certainly didn’t know what to expect, she was nothing but supportive and excited about the whole process. Then she actually got to read the book and shifted from supportive parent to shameless cheerleader overnight. When I tell you that my mom tells everyone about my book, I mean she tells everyone. Whether it’s at the grocery store, laundromat, or while buying coffee, she’s going to find a way to tell someone about it. Basically when it comes to verbal marketing, she does things a thousand times better than I ever will.

Her never ending love and support means the world to me and I am so incredibly lucky to have her on this journey. When people ask why I write, she is what comes to mind and I hope to someday be able to pay her back for every drop of kindness and support she has given me over the years. Writing is often a lonely pursuit and she has made it far less so.

To my motivation, the woman that stalks my twitter page and always makes me feel loved, even when I feel like a failure – you’re the best. You deserve far more praise and recognition than I could ever fit on this page, but I hope you know you’re appreciated and loved and I couldn’t ask for a better mom.  <3

Thank you for everything.

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