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The Allseer Trilogy Updates

Allseer Trilogy Update

Hello everyone and welcome to Monday!

Today we will be talking about book three of The Allseer Trilogy, as well as what can be expected in the future. Take a seat and buckle up. Here is where I’m at with things.


Book Three First Draft

The untitled third and final entry of The Allseer Trilogy is in the works. Due to hectic, stressful, make you pull your hair out and cry, day job happenings and living conditions, things have been happening at a bit of a snail’s pace. I’m making progress, but it’s been a struggle and I haven’t accomplished as much as I’d like to at this point.

It’s not all bad news though. In two months, me and my boyfriend will be venturing off on our own, snagging ourselves a small, albeit overpriced apartment, and saying farewell to loud roommates. I will be crafting a writing space filled with joyful silence and I will bask in the glory of being able to write at any hour without listening to screaming, hooting, hollering, loud tv’s, or any other number of distractions that can’t be blocked out when there is writing to be done.

This is ground breaking. Life changing. Earth shattering.

My little introvert heart is fit to burst with happiness at the mere thought.

And it will mean good things for the final entry of The Allseer Trilogy.

I can promise you that it is in progress, it is being worked on, and I’m still planning a timely release. There will be a lot more information in the coming months as the end to this trilogy is crafted and I promise to keep you all updated on how things are coming along.


The Bonded Edits

Long, long ago I had an idea for a book. I wrote that book over the course of five years. I released that book in 2015 and now I’m older, somewhat wiser, and have some changes to make to The Bonded before I can sign off on this trilogy for good and move on to other projects.

The Bonded is my baby and I’m just as hesitant about changing it as readers would be, but it needs some TLC to make it truly shine. After work has wrapped up on book three, I will be returning to the first book in the trilogy to give it a little extra love and make sure that it is up to the standards I have now, not the standards I had in 2015 when I was just starting out in this business.

Nothing will be lost in the process other than some unnecessary words. Certain scenes that I feel are more important in hindsight will be expanded on. Dialogue will be tightened up. Things that need clarification will be clarified. It will all be for the better.

After those edits are done, the trilogy will be seeing a cover overhaul and getting new, shiny, updated covers! For those that own the first two books, the final cover will match the other two and be available for a set amount of time before I swap over to the new covers. There will a lot more information about the covers after I wrap up these edits.


And Beyond…

Beyond this trilogy, I’ve got some really, really exciting ideas that have been brewing in my head over the years and they are dying to be let loose. My next project will be a standalone novel tentatively titled Of Blood and Briar. If you like assassins, first person point of view, a darker feel, complicated relationships, and revenge, you’re going to want to keep your eyes open for more info!

And that is all for updates!

As things move forward and more progress is made, I will make another update post so you can stay in the loop and know when to get yourselves ready for preorder!

Thank you all for your ongoing support, love, and encouragement.


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