Books by Kaitlyn Rouhier


The Bonded: The Allseer Trilogy Book I


The world has fallen into chaos, the lands ravaged by a taint known only as the Darkness. The remaining survivors are those blessed with the power of the mind. Known as the Bonded, they alone have the power to stop the corruption and reclaim the world for their kind.

It is in this world that Kirheen finds herself. Born with powers she does not desire and cursed to remain in Sanctuary, she yearns for a life of freedom which may never exist for she is one of the Bonded. Matched with a young man named Garild, they are sworn to dedicate their lives and minds to each other, to strengthen their powers until they can join the fight against the Darkness.

But curiosity is a powerful thing and Kirheen begins to wonder if the Darkness is truly as dangerous as they say or if it even exists at all.


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The Cursed: The Allseer Trilogy Book II


Sanctuary has fallen.

The world Kirheen once knew has been turned upside down, torn apart by the realization that it was nothing more than an elaborate lie. Wracked by guilt over her part in its downfall and trying to cope with her own grief, she must learn to survive in a land that is far more dangerous than the home she grew up in. Hiding from the escalating conflict in the south, Kirheen and the others remain far away from the tension brewing in the capital city of Val’shar. The city remains on the brink of chaos and civil war looms, spurred on by the hatred of the Zekarian royal family.

It is that very family that has declared those with powers as cursed beings, spawns of a spiteful goddess, and they will stop at nothing to eradicate her kind from existence. Hunted and feared across all of Taverin, the cursed are forced to stifle their powers or face the executioners axe.

Despite the danger, Kirheen sets out towards the city of the gods, drawn by a feeling she can’t fully explain. In a city of masks and lies, she must uncover the truth surrounding the history of her people and avoid being pulled into the conflict between those with powers and those without.