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December Book Giveaway!

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! It’s December which means Christmas (and freedom from my post-Thanksgiving diet) is right around the corner. It’s also the 7th which marks two years since I released The Bonded, the first book in the Allseer Trilogy! Wooo!  To celebrate hitting the two year mark and to bid farewell to 2017… Continue reading December Book Giveaway!

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Of Stolen Vehicles and Side Projects

Well, it happened. After having good ‘ol blue in the family since ’73, some asshat(s) came along and stole our old, beat up Chevy from right in front of the house. In a scenario like this, all you can hope is that it was some drunk college kid that thought it looked cool. They’d drive… Continue reading Of Stolen Vehicles and Side Projects

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Of New Beginnings and Another Giveaway

Howdy everybody! Hope you all had a wonderful (and safe) start to your new year! My new year was spent with my super awesome family. We made homemade pizza and a bunch of desserts and ate and chatted for hours while trying to survive until midnight. Why is it on nights when I actually shouldn’t… Continue reading Of New Beginnings and Another Giveaway